It has also come to you that you want to customize Ringtone for your iPhone, but due to the limitations of Apple, this is not possible, and you can only count on preset songs! But today, on the Mac, we’ll introduce one of the easiest ways available.

First, download the Ringtone Maker app and then run it.
Click Select a song and then select the song you want.
On the page you can edit your song or click on the Save option.
Here’s what we did with the Ringtone Maker app and just plug your iPhone into the computer and then do the following.

Open the iTunes app and click on your iPhone icon.
Then go to Apps and select the Ringtone Maker app.
Select the song you want and touch Save to and finally save your song to the location.
Then go to the location where you saved the song and open it with iTunes.
Return to iPhone again and click on Tones this time. (Make sure the Sync Tones option is enabled in the Tones tab.)
Turn on Selected Tones and then re-select the pre-made, then Apply or Sync to move.
Our work is finished and you can find the ringtone you created and choose as ringtone to change your ringtone in the iPhone Settings and the Sounds section.

Do you also want to customize your favorite ringtone on your iPhone? Share your opinions with us.

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