While macOS Mojave works for most unproblematic users, few have reported that they are having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. In this post, we plan to review existing solutions.


Launch your Mac to the latest version or upgrade

It is always recommended that you keep the system software up to date. So the first step is to update the Mac software. To install the latest update, see the Software Update section in the Mac Settings. If you use the latest version, you can reboot your Mac. The same simple task may solve many problems.


Drop the dongles (USB 3, USB-C, …) from your Mac

If your Mac is connected to Wi-Fi but is often disconnected and unable to connect, there is a potential for hardware interference with some USB-C devices. In this method, you must remove all existing duplicates from the Mac and try to connect again. It looks strange, but I solved my problem with this method.


Reboot your modem

In some situations, there may not be a problem with the Mac that you can unplug your modem and then plug it in for 20 seconds.

According to the Apple Mac Pro, the XDR Peru displays will be available in September

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