Advanced Mac users can boot into the Single User mode, which is downloaded directly to the Mac OS command line, rebooting in Single User mode on the Mac may be useful for troubleshooting purposes and administrative tasks, but it is usually better to go. To be used by advanced Mac users with full knowledge of the command line. Using this tutorial, you will learn how to boot into Single User mode and how to quit Single User mode on a Mac.

How to boot in single user mode on a Mac

How to boot in Single User Mode on Mac:

1. Restart your system.

2- Then press and hold + COMMAND + S KEYS.

3. Hold Command + S keys until you see white text in black.

4. Then enter the password for the system to enter the Single User environment.

Note: If you are using FileVault disk encryption, (all Mac users must), you must enter the FileVault password before you can boot into the Single User mode.

How to Quit Single User Mode on Mac:

1. Using the following code, you can exit the Single User:

shutdown -r now

2- Or using the following code:


3. Then press the return key to restart your system and be able to enter your Mac.





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