Apple has announced that students who can still sign up can use the iPad for free for six months for free. This is twice as long as the standard free usage. This offer exists in the United States and selected countries.


Based on an internal memo from the Eflefox blog in the United States, the offer will remain valid until the end of September 26, 2019.

When the free usage ends, the cost of each month is to use Apple Music for Students for $ 4.99 compared to regular people. Usage fees for regular members are $ 9.99.

While various companies offer improvements to Apple Music’s free use, this is the first time Apple has offered to use the Apple Music for free for six months.

This is part of Apple’s annual program called Back to School. Students can also get a pair of Beats headphones for free by purchasing qualified Macs or iPads.


Do you use Apple Music? How is your feedback?

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