According to Bloomberg, Amazon is working on a smart speaker called Echo Spekaer. Amazon is said to compete directly with Apple and Sonos, and the Amazon speaker is better than other companies in terms of sound quality.


The new model is likely to be available next year. The current samples have four internal tones (speakers). But Homodo has seven tithers.


The current ECO lineup is scheduled to have minor updates this fall.

Since its launch in 2018, Amazon has been improving its echo sound quality.


The company also began selling more expensive speakers with a special sound, but Apple and Sony did not yet experience this quality.


While Apple has focused on a better music experience, Amazon is working more on Alexa intelligence, which can help cooking in the kitchen and take control of the smart accessory, and the rest of the digital liaison duties To do.


However, a report shows that the growth of Amazon’s services in the music industry is more than Apple due to the number of more fans installed the Alexa hardware system. Apparently, Amazon has a better audio layer in its music service. But Amazon could create a higher quality speaker.


According to the chart and statistics of smart speakers, Bloomberg says Amazon is working on Alexa’s home robot. According to these reports, the robot can go home and follow their homeowner. Apparently the length of the device is as wide as the waist, and includes several cameras that can find and move around the room correctly. The project seems to be developing and is not expected to be released.


What do you think of the Amazon speakers? Do you think the Apple HomePad will work better?

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